Ozark skinner


Ozark skinner

The blade of this bull nosed skinner is forged from a cold chisel. It's 130mm long, 6mm thick on the spine and the knife is 250mm long overall. The blade has had clay applied to the spine and is differentially hardened. The spine has been chamfered 30mm back from it's point to reduce drag when piercing. The handle scales are stabilised fish tailed oak with blue handle liners held to the tapered tang by two stainless Corby bolts and the handle also has a S/S thong tube. The sheath is wet formed leather in a deep pouch style with a little tooling around it's throat and has been dyed mahogany brown. The sheath also has blue stitching to pick up with the blue liners in the handle.

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  • The blade is made from a hand forged cold chisel deferentially hardened
  • The handle scales are made from stabilised fish tailed oak

Knife Type

  • Camping
  • Hunting